Article 14

The Board of Directors is the authority in control of the affairs of the Agency. It shall, within the limits set by the provisions of this Law, exercise the full powers necessary for the performance of its task. The Board shall in particular:

A — Set the monetary and credit policy to be followed by the Agency.
B — Decide on matters related to the issue, circulation and recall of currency.
C — Fix the interests and commissions to be charged by the Agency for loans, advances and the discount of commercial paper.
D — Lay down the special regulations required for the application of the provisions of this Law as regards the organisation of the banking business and the exercise of strict control over banks and other financial firms.
E — Approve the annual Balance Sheet of the Agency and the Profit and Loss Statement.
F — Issue the regulations pertaining to the staff and employees of the Agency, which regulations shall be subject to approval by the Minister of Finance.
G — Issue the Financial and Accounting regulations, as well as other regulations required for the enforcement of this law.
H — Deal with such other matters as may fall within the competence of the Board of Directors under this or any other Law.