Costs of the Clearing, Settlement & Central Depository's (CSD) Services Schedule

Service Cost
1.Entry of investors' particulars into the CSD system. BD4 payable once.
2.Opening the investors' account and depositing the securities with one broker. BD1.
3. Transfer of securities other than exempted transfers. BD1 per company.
4. Trading commission Subject to the Minister of Commerce's Resolution No. 3/2001 with respect to the Broker's Commission on the BSE **.
5.Exempted transfers Subject to Article (36) of the Internal Regulations as amended by the Minister of Commerce & Agriculture's Resolution No. 8/1993 with respect to the amendment of some provisions of the Internal Regulations ***.
6. Pledging and freezing of securities (except margin transfers). 0.00025 of the pledged securities market value, with a minimum of 5% for a single transaction and a maximum of BD2000.
7. Letter of deposited securities ownership. BD1.
8.Adhoc account statements regarding the transactions. BD2 per statement, not exceeding two pages and an addition BD1 per each additional page.
9.Issuance of deposited securities accounts statements in the CSD system, subject to the issuer's request. 20 fils per shareholder at a minimum of BD50 in case the statement is issued on a CD, and a minimum of BD100 in case the statement is issued as hard copies.
10.Management of shareholders' register. 500 fils per shareholder per annum at a minimum of BD2000 and a maximum of BD10,000 per company.
•  The total number of shareholders in joint stock companies listed on the BSE as of 30/9/2001 is 96,447shareholders.


** The Minister of Commerce & Industry's Resolution No. 3/2001

*** The Minister of Commerce & Agriculture's Resolution No. 8/1993