Board Meeting No. 57/96 Resolution No. 6/96 — Listing Local and Foreign Bonds

General Rules for Listing Local and Foreign Bonds:

1. The Local bonds should have been issued in accordance with the Commercial Companies Law for the year 1975.
2. Foreign bonds should have been issued in accordance with the relevant laws of the issuing country.
3. The company should obtain the Bahrain Monetary Agency's approval.
4. Two years should have elapsed from the date of the issuing company's incorporation.
5. The company's financial position should be sound.
6. The company's paid-up capital should not be less than US$10,000,000.
7. The company should abide by the listing agreement to be signed with the Exchange.
8. The company should appoint a representative office in Bahrain for the registration of its bonds, distribution of dividends, reports and other related matters.
9. The company should publish its balance sheets and financial results in various media instruments.