Board Meeting No: 57/96 Resolution No. 6/96 — Listing Foreign Companies

General Rules for Listing Foreign Companies at the Bahrain Stock Exchange:

1. The company should be a joint stock company, listed in its country of incorporation or a closed company, established at least three years before the date of listing.
2. The company's paid-up capital should not be less than US $ 10,000,000.
3. The company should have realized a net profit on its major activities for the three years proceeding the date of application.
4. The company and its country of incorporation should have no restrictions on the free transfer of securities ownership between the investors.
5. The financial position of the company should be sound.
6. The number of the company's registered shareholders shall not be less than 100.
7. The company should issue a semi-annual accounts reviewed by its auditor and an annual audited balance sheet.
8. The company should appoint a representative office in Bahrain, to undertake the registration of shares, distribution of dividends, reports and other related matters.
9. The company should adhere to the Exchange's Listing Agreement.