Article (7) Participants Contribution

7.1 Upon admission to the CSDR System, the Participant shall pay a fixed minimum contribution to the Guarantee Fund account opened with the designated Settlement Bank.
7.2 Contributions to the Guarantee Fund account must be segregated from the BSE's assets, however they need not be segregated from the other Participants assets.
7.3 Each Participant, for the duration of his membership, shall contribute a fixed amount to the Guarantee Fund account, which at present shall be as follows:
7.3.1 A minimum of BD50,000 (Bahraini Dinars fifty thousand) for Participants who are Class (A) brokers (incorporated in accordance with the Chairman of the BSE's Board Resolution No. 2/95).
7.3.2 A minimum of BD25,000 (Bahraini Dinars twenty five thousand) for the Participants other than Class (A) brokers (incorporated in accordance with Article (16) of the BSE's Internal Regulations).