Article (16) Suspension of BSE Services to a Defaulting Participant

16.1 If a Participant fails to pay the net to pay amount on T+2 no later than 09:30 hours, the BSE shall, and until the amount is honored as per Article (13) hereof, suspend the defaulting Participant from:
16.1.1 Any trading service provided by the BSE, with respect to securities transactions generally.
16.1.2 All services and activities in relation to the clearing and settlement operations of a Participant, except services in relation to any pending settlement obligations the defaulting Participant may have.
16.2 When a Participant settles his net to pay amount, the BSE may resume rendering the services referred to in sub-Article (16.1) above, and shall immediately notify the concerned parties therewith.
16.3 The BSE may, subject to its sole discretion, invoke the provisions of Article (26) of the CSDR Rules on the Participant, if such Participant fails to settle his net to pay amount more than twice a year.