Article 66

The Agency may, in the following cases, cancel the license granted
A — If the licensee has not started to operate within six months after being granted the license.
B — If he acts in contravention of the conditions of the license or fails to follow the formalities prescribed by the Agency pursuant to the provisions of Article (65).
C — If he repeatedly violates any of the provisions of this Law.
D — If he suspends his operations in the State of Bahrain. Before cancelling the license, the Agency shall notify the banking firm involved or the agent or representative concerned of its intention to cancel the license, and shall give the party involved reasonable time to object to such cancellation and state the grounds on which its objection stands. Then the Agency shall, after securing the approval of the Minister of Finance, notify the party concerned, whether this is a banking firm, an agent or a representative, of its decision on the subject.