Article (2) Establishment of the Central Bank

(a) A public corporate person called the "Central Bank of Bahrain" shall be established in accordance with the provisions of this law and shall be administratively and financially independent.
(b) The Central Bank's headquarters shall be situated in the city of Manama, and it may open branches in Bahrain and abroad, establish subsidiaries and appoint agents and representatives, both inside and outside the Kingdom, in order to assist it achieve any of its objectives stated in this law.
(c) The Central Bank shall have an independent budget, to be prepared on a commercial basis, and shall conduct its business according to commercial banking principles. It shall also perform its duties without being subject to the government administrative and financial regulations. The Central Bank shall not be subject to the provisions of any other law, which imposes prior controls on its business.
(d) The role of the National Audit Court in auditing the activities and accounts of the Central Bank shall be limited to the audit of the accounts and the assets of the Central Bank, without any interference, in any form, in its activities or policies. The technical employee assigned by the National Audit court to audit the accounts of the Central Bank must be adequately qualified and specialized in the banking business.