Article (174) The Central Bank's Records

(a) The Central Bank shall maintain a special record for each:
1. Licensee.
2. Listed person in any of the records required by the provisions of this law.
3. Competent person pursuant to the decision issued in compliance with paragraph (b) of Article (65) of this law.
(b) The Central Bank may maintain any other files as deemed necessary for carrying out the duties assigned thereto by virtue of this Decree
(c) Files referred to shall include documents, information and data necessary for achieving the objectives of the Central bank.
(d) The said files shall be kept in the head office of the Central Bank in an appropriate manner including saving thereof in electronic format, taking into consideration that adequate measures are followed to secure the safety of such files and its availability for reviewing at any time.
(e) Interested persons may, according to rules and measures determined by the Central Banks, have access to the files referred to in this article and obtain official copies of any paper documents, information, or data contained therein.