Article (173)

a) The Central Bank must present to the Minister regular reports on the activity, operation and achievements of the Central Bank, as well as any performance obstacles, that it may be facing and the steps taken to resolve them. The Minister shall have the right to ask the Central Bank to provide him with any documents, information, resolutions, minutes, records or reports necessary for him to be able to supervise the Central Bank's operations in accordance with paragraphs (b) and (c) of this article.
b) Without prejudice to the autonomy of the Central Bank in performing its duties and authority pursuant to this law, the Minister shall monitor the Central Bank's adherence to the provisions of this law and the general economic policy of the Kingdom, and the extent of its effectiveness and efficiency in performing it duties. The Minister may request at any time from the external auditor to expand the scope of its audit in relation to any matter relating to the activity of the Central Bank or to investigate any matter within that scope.
c) Should the Minister find any conflict between the activities of the Central Bank and the provisions of the law or the general economic policy of the Kingdom, or if he finds that the Central Bank is not performing its duties efficiently and effectively, he must object to that and inform the Board. If the Board insists on its opinion, it shall present the matter again to the Minister together with its justifications within a period not exceeding thirty days. The Minister shall in such a case present the conflict to the Cabinet to resolve it by an order issued within a maximum period of thirty days from the date of it being presented to it.
d) The Minister shall be accountable to the parliament in his performance of the supervision of the Central Bank's operations.