Article (122) Assistance in Investigations by Overseas Authorities

(a) The Central Bank may provide assistance upon request by an Overseas authority. To this end the central bank may:
1. Exercise the powers conferred thereto by Article 111 of this law to require information and documents.
2. Appoint one or more qualified persons to provide a report pursuant to Article 113 of this law and/or to investigate any matter pursuant to Article 121 thereof.
(b) In deciding a request by an overseas authority pursuant to paragraph (a) of this Article, the Central Bank may consider in particular:
1. Whether the country or territory of the Overseas authority is adopting the basis of reciprocity in its relation with the Kingdom;
2. The seriousness of the case and its importance to persons in the Kingdom;
3. Whether it is otherwise appropriate in the public interest to give the assistance requested.
(c) The Central Bank may decide to reject the request stated in paragraph (a) of this Article unless the Overseas Authority undertakes to make contributions towards the cost of exercising such powers as the Central Bank considers appropriate.