Article (121) Appointment of Investigators

(a) When necessary, the Central Bank may appoint one or more qualified investigators to conduct investigation with respect to the following:
a. Nature or position of the business of a Licensee.
b. A particular aspect of the businesses of a Licensee.
c. The ownership or control of a Licensee.
d. Whether the Licensee is practicing the very business licensed thereto, and assessing to what extent the Licensee is abiding, in providing the said business, by the provisions of the law and the terms and conditions of the license.
e. Whether a Licensee is carrying out unlicensed business.
f. Whether the listed companies are abiding by the procedures and principles of listing referred to in paragraph (c) of Art (86) of this law.
i. The Investigator may conduct an investigation, where necessary, on the business of any member of a group or company to which the Licensee under investigation is a party. The Licensee under investigation must be notified in writing of the decision to investigate its business.