7. Prospectus Contents

Appendix 1 attached with these Guidelines states the detailed content of a standard prospectus of Debt Securities.

However, the standard requirements stated in the abovementioned prospectus should be read with the additional requirements or exceptions stated in Section 8 of this Chapter below.

The following are the outlines of the main sections of the standard prospectus contents:

Section 1 — Cover Page:

The cover page of a prospectus should contain the following particulars:
•  Full name and registration number (if applicable) of the issuer
•  Type and amount of Debt Securities
•  Date of prospectus
•  Validity period of the prospectus
•  Full name of the adviser(s)
•  Full name of the lead manager (if any)
•  Full name of sub-managers
•  Full name of the managing underwriter and sub-underwriter(s) (if any)
•  Full name of the trustee
•  Full name of the guarantor (if any)
•  Full name of paying agent
•  Statement of disclaimer
•  Listing that is sought
•  Rating of Debt Securities if any, or required
Section 2 — Inside Cover
•  Responsibility Statements
•  Declaration by Issuers
•  Statement on Risk
Section 3 — Glossary of Defined Terms
Section 4 — Corporate Directory and Information Summary
•  Issuer's Corporate Directory
•  Summary of Corporate Information
•  Summary of Financial Information
•  Indicative Timetable
Section 5 — Terms and Conditions of the Debt Securities
Section 6 — Utilization of Proceeds
Section 7 — Risk Analysis
Section 8 — Corporate Information and Background of the Issuer
•  History
•  Shareholders, Directors and Key Management Information
•  Business and Industry Overview
•  Future Plans and Prospects
Section 9 — Related-Party Transaction or Conflict of Interest
Section 10 — Historical Financial information
Section 11 — Forecasted Financial Information
Section 12 — Other Information
Section 13 — Documents Available for Inspection
Section 14 — Procedures for Application
Section 15 — Forms and Applications