2. Forms and Content of Certificates

2.1 Subject to Article (145) of the Commercial Companies Law, if Debt Securities require to be represented by certificates under any applicable laws or regulations, then the number of securities represented by the certificates must be clearly shown in words and figures on the face of the certificates, or in such other manner as may be approved by the Agency.
2.2 Debt Security certificates, if required, shall show the following:
a) serial number;
b) the name of the issuer, and the authority under which it was incorporated;
c) the address of the registered office of the issuer, and the register on which the Debt Securities are situated;
d) the security, rate of interest and dates of payment, any participating rights, and the date and method of redemption (if any);
e) where a rubber seal is imprinted, it shall be supported by manuscription signatures;
f) where an embossed seal is used, it may, subject to the issuer's Articles of Association, be supported by facsimile signatures only;
g) where only the seal is used without supporting signatures, the method or system of control by the issuer on the application of the seal must be approved by the auditors of the issuer, and a copy of such approval forwarded to the Agency and the Exchange.