1. Procedures

1.1 The issuer shall allot securities within 7 calendar days of the final offering's closing date for an issue of securities and to dispatch statements or certificates, if required, within 7 calendar days of the date of allotment, or within such period as may be prescribed by the Agency from time-to-time.
1.2 To dispatch within 4 business days after the day of submission of a registrable transfer of Debt Securities, a statement or certificate, if required, in respect of such securities and a balance statement for any remainder.
1.3 When so requested by the transferee at the time of submission of a registrable transfer of securities, the issuer shall dispatch the statement or certificate, if applicable, in respect of those securities to the securities holders. However, transfer of securities or securities settlement shall be affected by simple debt or credit on the books of the Clearing House system, via computer data entry.

Transferees (new owners) of Debt Securities will be regularly reported to the issuer's transfer agent(s) for legal transfer of title within 7 calendar days.
1.4 The issuer shall not refuse to register or fail to register to give effect to any transfer in registerable form of a fully paid security issued on the official list, except:
a) the registration of the transfer would result in a contravention of or failure to observe the provisions of any effective laws;
b) the transfer is in respect of a partly paid security in respect of which a call has been made and is unpaid.
1.5 If the issuer refuses to register a transfer of a security, it shall give to the transferee written notice of the refusal and the precise reasons thereof within 7 calendar days after the date on which the transfer was submitted with the issuer.
1.6 When so requested by the transferee at the time of submission of registrable transfers of securities, the issuer shall issue certificates in requested denominations.
1.7 To split certificates within 5 calendar days of receipt, or to certify transfers within 2 calendar days on submission of the relative certificates.
1.8 The issuer shall accept for registration transfers of the securities executed on a standard form of transfer approved by the Agency, or on such other form in lieu thereof, as may be approved by the Agency.
1.9 The issuer shall provide the Agency or the Exchange, upon enquiry, an extract of the Debt Securities register showing full details on or between the named date or dates of all entries relating to the registration of securities entered or deleted under any particular name and the relevant certificate numbers and the names into which or from which any particular security may have been transferred.
1.10 The issuer has permitted issued securities to be transferred from one register to another, without any restriction.
1.11 In the case of security splits, the issuer shall issue statements or certificates in requested denominations by the securities holder.
1.12 The issuer has to inform the Agency and the Exchange as and when a report is submitted with the registrar on any loss of certificates, giving all the information prescribed.
1.13 The issuer has to inform the Agency and the Exchange immediately when they are notified of forgery in the certificates of the issue by the issuer's registrar.
1.14 To provide the Agency and the Exchange, upon request, with an auditor's certificate to the effect that the processing of transfers and issue of certificates is in accordance with the effective laws.