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If the customer is a legal entity or a legal arrangement such as a trust, the licensee must obtain and record the following information from original identification documents, databases or websites, in hard copy or electronic form, to verify the customer's legal existence and structure:

(a) The entity's full name and other trading names used;
(b) Registration number (or equivalent);
(c) Legal form;
(d) Registered address and trading address (where applicable);
(e) Type of business activity;
(f) Date and place of incorporation or establishment;
(g) Telephone, fax number and email address;
(h) Regulatory body or listing body (for regulated activities such as financial services and listed companies);
(i) Name of external auditor (where applicable);
(j) Type of account, and nature and volume of anticipated business dealings with the licensee; and
(k) Source of funds.
October 2010