• HC-1.9 HC-1.9 Evaluation of the Board and Each Committee

    • HC-1.9.1

      At least annually the board must conduct an evaluation of its performance and the performance of each committee and each individual director.

      July 2011

    • HC-1.9.2

      The evaluation process must include:

      (a) Assessing how the board operates, especially in light of chapter HC-1;
      (b) Evaluating the performance of each committee in light of its specific purposes and responsibilities, which shall include review of the self-evaluations undertaken by each committee;
      (c) Reviewing each director's work, his attendance at board and committee meetings, and his constructive involvement in discussions and decision-making; and
      (d) Reviewing the board's current composition against its desired composition with a view toward maintaining an appropriate balance of skills and experience and a view toward planned and progressive refreshing of the board.
      July 2011

    • HC-1.9.3

      While the evaluation is a responsibility of the entire board, it should be organised and assisted by an internal board committee and, when appropriate, with the help of external experts.

      July 2011

    • HC-1.9.4

      The board should report to the shareholders, at each annual shareholder meeting, that evaluations have been done.

      July 2011