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    • Fiat Currency

      Government issued currency that is designated as legal tender in its country of issuance through government decree, regulation or law.

      Added: April 2019

    • Financial instruments

      Any of the following instruments, as further defined in Volume 4, Section AU-1.5, of the CBB Rulebook:

      (a) Transferable securities;
      (b) Islamic financial instruments;
      (c) Money market instruments;
      (d) Holdings in collective investment undertakings;
      (e) Derivative contracts other than commodity derivatives;
      (f) Derivative contracts relating to commodities settled in cash;
      (g) Derivative contracts relating to commodities;
      (h) Credit derivatives;
      (i) Financial contracts for differences;
      (j) Other derivative contracts;
      (k) Interests in real estate property;
      (l) Certificates representing certain securities; and
      (m) Rights or Interests in Financial Instruments.
      Amended: July 2011

    • Financial services

      Financial services means:

      (a) Any dealings in any instrument defined as a financial instrument in any Volume of the CBB Rulebook;
      (b) Any arrangement where money, goods or services are made available to a person in exchange for his promise to pay at a later date and that arrangement is of a type habitually provided by another person for commercial gain;
      (c) Any arrangement in which money is solicited from the public in return for a promise of financial gain on, or safekeeping of, that money; or
      (d) Any product or other financial services in the area of regulated services (regulated by the CBB) marketed in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
      Added: April 2013

    • Firm commitment underwriting

      Firm Commitment Underwriting means a securities underwriting arrangement whereby underwriters make outright purchases from the issuer through providing a guarantee to the issuer and the market that any unsubscribed securities will be taken up.

      Added: January 2014

    • Foreign or overseas authority

      Foreign or overseas authority means:

      (a) The authority involved in the regulation of the financial service markets in another country; or
      (b) Any foreign central bank or body with the authority of issuing money or responsible for supervising payment systems, clearances, or cheques and financial papers settlement.
      Added: July 2011

    • Founders

      For the purpose of Module OFS, founders means the subscribers who signed the incorporation application and paid their contribution in the paid-up capital before the public offer.

      Added: January 2014

    • "Fraud"


      (a) Any act, expression, omission or concealment committed, whether in a deceitful manner or not by a person or by any other person with his connivance or by his agent while dealing in securities, in order to induce another person or his agent to deal in securities, whether or not there is any wrongful gain or avoidance of any loss, and shall also include:
      (i) A knowing misrepresentation of the truth or concealment of material fact in order that another person may act to his detriment;
      (ii) A suggestion as to a fact which is not true by one who does not believe it to be true;
      (iii) An active concealment of a fact by a person having knowledge or belief of the fact;
      (iv) A promise made without any intention of performing it;
      (v) A representation made in a reckless and careless manner whether it be true or false;
      (vi) Any such act or omission as any other law specifically declares to be fraudulent;
      (vii) Deceptive behaviour by a person depriving another of informed consent or full participation; (viii) A false statement made without reasonable ground for believing it to be true;
      (ix) The act of an issuer of securities giving out misinformation that affects the market price of the security, resulting in investors being effectively misled even though they did not rely on the statement itself, or anything derived from it other than the market price;
      and "fraudulent" shall be construed accordingly, nothing contained in this paragraph shall apply to any general comments made in good faith in regard to:
      (a) The economic policy of the government;
      (b) The economic situation of the country;
      (c) Trends in the securities market; or
      (b) Any other matter of a like nature.
      Added: July 2011

    • Free float

      That portion of a company's securities that are available for public trading on a licensed exchange.

      Added: January 2014

    • Futures contracts

      An agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date. A futures contract obligates the buyer to purchase the underlying commodity and the seller to sell it, unless the contract is sold to another before settlement date, which may happen if a trader waits to take a profit or avoid a loss. This contrasts with options trading, in which the option buyer may choose whether or not to exercise the option on the exercise date

      Added: January 2014