• Annual Fees Payable by Clearing House and Central Depository

    • CSD-1.4.1

      Every licensed clearing house or central depository must pay to the CBB an annual fee on the 1st December of the preceding year for which the fee is due.

      Amended: July 2016
      Amended: April 2016
      Amended: April 2014
      Amended: April 2013

    • CSD-1.4.1A

      The following fee is currently prescribed for licensed clearing houses and licensed central depositories:

      Managing and operating clearing, settlement and central depository systems (fixed) BD10,000
      Amended: April 2016
      Added: April 2013

    • CSD-1.4.1B

      For new licensees, their first annual license fee is payable when their license is issued by the CBB. The annual fee due in relation to the first year in which the license is granted, is prorated for the year using the date of the official licensing letter from the CBB, as the base for the prorated period. The prorated fee will result in fees charged only for the number of complete months left in the current calendar year.

      Added: April 2014

    • CSD-1.4.2

      Where a license is cancelled (whether at the initiative of the firm or the CBB), no refund is paid for any months remaining in the calendar year in question, should a fee have been paid for that year.

      Amended: April 2014

    • CSD-1.4.3

      A licensed clearing house or licensed central depository failing to comply with Paragraph CSD-1.4.1 may be subject to financial penalties as prescribed by the CBB.

      Added: April 2016