• UG-A.2 UG-A.2 Module History

    • UG-A.2.1

      This Module was first issued in April 2007, as part of the first phase of Volume 6 (Capital Markets) to be released. Any material changes that have subsequently been made to this Module are annotated with the calendar quarter date in which the change was made: Chapter UG-3 provides further details on Rulebook maintenance and version control.

    • UG-A.2.2

      A list of recent changes made to this Module is provided below:

      Module Ref. Change Date Description of Changes
      UG-A.1 and UG-2.1 04/2013 Various amendments to update evolution of CBB Rulebook.
      UG-1.1.3 04/2013 Updated reference to membership rules of exchanges.
      UG-3.2 and Annex 04/2013 Amended as CBB Rulebook only now available on CBB Website.
      UG-3.2.2 04/2020 Amended Paragraph.

    • UG-A.2.3

      Guidance on the implementation and transition to Volume 6 (Capital Markets) is given in Module ES (Executive Summary).