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    • Real Estate Project

      For the purpose of equity crowdfunding offer, real estate project means real estate development projects as well as real estate income properties duly incorporated and registered with relevant authorities.

      Added: October 2017

    • Receiving bank (as used in Module OFS)

      The bank appointed by the issuer to collect subscription money from subscribers of the securities.

      Added: January 2014

    • Receiving bank (as used in Module TMA)

      Means Settlement Bank used to settle the transaction taking place on the licensed exchange, or any other bank designated for this purpose with the consent of the CBB.

      Added: July 2016

    • Recognised jurisdiction(s)

      [This definition has been moved to Volume 7 in April 2012].

    • Record

      Includes the records maintained in the form of books or stored in a computer or in such other form as may be determined and approved by the CBB.

      Added: July 2011

    • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

      Targeted duration of time which an information system and network must be recovered after a cyber breach.

      Added: April 2019

    • Registered owner

      Means a person who is listed in the issuer's register as the owner of securities.

      Added: July 2011

    • Registered person(s)

      Registered persons are those persons required to be registered by the CBB (as opposed to being authorised or licensed).

    • Registered representative

      Means an employee of a broker-dealer who acts as an account executive for clients. As such, the registered representative gives advice on which securities to buy and sell and he collects a percentage of the commission income he generates as compensation. To qualify as a registered representative, a person must acquire a background in the securities business and pass a series of tests and other qualifications imposed by the CBB and/or licensed exchange. "Registered" means licensed or authorised by the CBB and the licensed exchange.

      Added: July 2011

    • Regulated activities

      For the purpose of this Module means any activity stipulated under the CBB Law Article (80).

      Added: July 2011

    • Regulated crypto-asset services

      Any of the regulated activities permitted to be undertaken by a crypto-asset licensee as outlined in Module CRA Paragraph CRA-1.1.6.

      Added: April 2019

    • REIT(s) or real estate investment trust(s)

      Real Estate Investment Trust(s). REITs are investment vehicles that invest in real estate, and typically enjoy tax benefits in return for an obligation to distribute a high percentage of their income. REIT structures were originally designed to provide a similar structure for investment in real estate, as mutual funds provided for investment in financial instruments

      Amended: July 2011

    • Related company

      Means where a company:

      (a) Is the holding company of another company;
      (b) Is a subsidiary of another company; or
      (c) Is a subsidiary of the holding company of another company,

      that first-mentioned company and that other company shall for the purposes of this Module be deemed to be related to each other.

      Added: July 2011

    • Relevant authority(ies)

      Means for the purpose of Module AML, the authorities listed in Section AML-4.4.

      Added: October 2014

    • Relevant person(s)

      Means the offeror and offeree companies, their shareholders, directors and any other principal officers of offeror and offeree as well as persons acting in concert with them in relation to an offer covered by Module TMA.

      Amended: October 2019
      Amended: July 2016

    • Relevant office holder


      (a) A person acting in relation to a company as its liquidator, its provisional liquidator, its receiver, its receiver and manager, its judicial manager, or an equivalent person; or
      (b) A person acting in relation to an individual as his trustee in bankruptcy, the interim receiver of his property or an equivalent person.
      Added: July 2011

    • Remuneration

      Means all types of compensation including but not limited to salary, fee and non-cash benefits such as grants of stocks, stock options or pension benefits.

      Added: July 2011

    • Respondent Financial Institution

      Means a financial institution, to which correspondent account services are provided.

      Added: January 2020

    • Retail CIU(s)

      [This definition has been moved to Volume 7 in April 2012].

    • Rights issue(s) or Rights offering

      A new issue of securities by an issuer by way of exercising the pre-emptive rights by existing holders of securities which enables those holders to subscribe to those securities in proportion to their existing holdings, or otherwise on the basis of allotment approved by those holders.

      Added: January 2014

    • Rights over shares

      Includes any rights acquired by a person under an agreement to purchase, or an option to acquire shares, options, warrants, convertible securities or voting rights (or control of any of them), or any irrevocable commitment to accept an offer.

      Added: July 2011

    • Roadshow

      The marketing of an investment product, including an offer of securities that are to be formally offered and issued outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

      Added: January 2014

    • RTGS

      Means Real Time Gross Settlement System introduced, operated and maintained by the CBB for facilitating on-line real-time settlement of payments in the Kingdom of Bahrain between members admitted to the RTGS system, either on gross basis, or through the Multilateral Net Settlement Batches (MNSB) received from the members and for matters connected therewith, or incidental thereto.

      Added: July 2011

    • Rumour

      Includes an unverified statement or account or explanation of events, circulated from person to person, whose veracity or authenticity or truthfulness is not immediately verifiable.

      Added: July 2011