• Responsiveness

    • BC-10.3.10

      Receipt of complaints must be acknowledged in accordance with Section BC-10.5 "Response to Complaints".

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.11

      Complaints must be addressed promptly in accordance with their urgency.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.12

      Customers must be treated with courtesy.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.13

      Customers must be kept informed of the progress of their complaint, in accordance with Section BC-10.5.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.14

      If a customer is not satisfied with an Islamic bank licensee's response, the Islamic bank licensee must advise the customer on how to take the complaint further within the organisation.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.15

      In the event that they are unable to resolve a complaint, Islamic bank licensees must outline the options that are open to that customer to pursue the matter further, including, where appropriate, referring the matter to the Consumer Protection Unit at the CBB.

      Amended: April 2020
      Added: October 2011