• Accessibility

    • BC-10.3.3

      A complaints handling process must be easily accessible to all customers and must be free of charge.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.4

      While an Islamic bank licensee's website is considered an acceptable mean for dealing with customer complaints, it should not be the only means available to customers as not all customers have access to the internet.

      Amended: January 2012
      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.5

      Process information must be readily accessible and must include flexibility in the method of making complaints.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.6

      Support for customers in interpreting the complaints procedures must be provided, upon request.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.7

      Information and assistance must be available on details of making and resolving a complaint.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.8

      Supporting information must be easy to understand and use.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.3.9

      [This Paragraph was deleted in January 2012].

      Deleted: January 2012