• BC-10.2 BC-10.2 Documenting Customer Complaints Handling Procedures

    • BC-10.2.1

      In order to make customer complaints handling procedures as transparent and accessible as possible, all Islamic bank licensees must document their customer complaints handling procedures. These include setting out in writing:

      (a) The procedures and policies for:
      (i) Receiving and acknowledging complaints;
      (ii) Investigating complaints;
      (iii) Responding to complaints within appropriate time limits;
      (iv) Recording information about complaints;
      (v) Identifying recurring system failure issues.
      (b) The types of remedies available for resolving complaints; and
      (c) The organisational reporting structure for the complaints handling function.
      Amended: January 2012
      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.2.2

      Islamic bank licensees must provide a copy of the procedures to all relevant staff, so that they may be able to inform customers. A simple and easy-to-use guide to the procedures must also be made available to all customers, on request, and when they want to make a complaint.

      Added: October 2011

    • BC-10.2.3

      Islamic bank licensees are required to ensure that all financial services related documentation (such as financing documentation) provided to the customer includes a statement informing the customer of the availability of a simple and easy-to-use guide on customer complaints procedures in the event the customer is not satisfied with the services provided.

      Amended: July 2015
      Amended: January 2012
      Added: October 2011