Principle 8 The Company Shall Disclose its Corporate Governance

8.1 Disclosure under the Company Law. In each company:

•   the board shall adopt written corporate governance guidelines covering the matters stated in this Code and other corporate governance matters deemed appropriate by the board. Such guidelines shall include or refer to the principles and numbered directives of this Code,
•   the company shall publish the guidelines on its website, if it has a website,
•   at each annual shareholders' meeting the board shall report on the company's compliance with its guidelines and this Code, and explain the extent if any to which it has varied them or believes that any variance or noncompliance was justified, and
•   at each annual shareholders' meeting the board shall also report on further items listed in Appendix E. Such information should be maintained on the company's website or held at the company's premises on behalf of the shareholders
•   the MOIC may issue a template as a guide for a company's annual meeting corporate governance discussion .
Recommendation: The board shall establish a corporate governance committee of at least three independent members which shall be responsible for developing and recommending changes from time to time in the company's corporate governance policy framework.