Banks must ensure that their ATM software security measures comply with the following:

(a) Access to sensitive services is controlled by requiring authentication. Entering or exiting sensitive services must not reveal or otherwise compromise the security of sensitive information;
(b) ATM software must include controls which are designed to prevent unauthorised modification of the software configuration, including the operating system, drivers, libraries, and individual applications. Software configuration includes the software platform, configuration data, applications loaded to and executed by the platform, and the associated data. The mechanisms must also ensure the integrity of third-party applications, using a controlled process to install such controls;
(c) Access to all elements of the ATM environment must be strictly controlled to ensure an effective segregation of functions and an effective segregation of responsibilities exists for all personnel;
(d) The logging data must be stored in a way that data cannot be changed under any circumstances, and deleted only after authorisation by a member of bank staff who has specific responsibility delegated by the CEO;
(e) Software is protected and stored in a manner which precludes unauthorised modification; and
(f) Loading of software into ATMs is performed by a person who has the requisite knowledge and skills, and who has been nominated and authorised by a senior manager in the bank to undertake these tasks.
Added: January 2020