Licensees seeking to obtain the CBB's permission to cease business must apply to the CBB in writing, in the form of a formal request together with supporting documents. Unless otherwise directed by the CBB, the following requirements must be provided in support of the request:

(a) Full details of the business to be terminated;
(b) The rationale for the cessation;
(c) How the licensee proposes to cease business;
(d) Notice of an Extraordinary Meeting setting out the agenda to discuss and approve the cessation, and inviting the CBB for such meeting;
(e) Evidence that the proposed cessation has been duly authorised by the licensee (such as a certified copy of a Board resolution approving the cessation);
(f) Formal request to the CBB for the appointment of a liquidator acceptable to the CBB;
(g) A cut-off date by which the licensee will stop its operations;
(h) If the licensee wishes to cease its whole business, confirmation that the licensee will not enter into new business with effect from the cut-off date;
(i) Once the CBB has given its approval to an application to cease business, the licensee must publish a notice of its intention to cease business in two local daily newspapers (one in Arabic, the other in English). Notices must also be displayed in the premises (including any branch offices) of the licensee concerned. These notices must be given not less than 30 calendar days before the cessation is to take effect, and must include such information as the CBB may specify;
(j) The audited accounts of the licensee as of the last date on which it stopped operations. The commencement of such accounts should be the beginning of the financial year of the licensee; and
(m) The final liquidator's report of the licensee.
October 2010