All controllers or prospective controllers (whether natural or legal persons) of all licensees are subject to the approval of the CBB. Persons who intend to take ownership stakes of 10% or above of the voting capital of a licensee are subject to enhanced scrutiny, given the CBB's position as home supervisor of such licensees. The level of scrutiny and the criteria for approval become more onerous as the level of proposed ownership increases. Existing and prospective controllers should therefore take particular note of the requirements of Paragraphs GR-4.3.3 to GR-4.3.8 if they wish to take more substantial holdings or control.

As a matter of policy, the CBB distinguishes between regulated legal persons (i.e. financial institutions) and unregulated legal persons and natural persons as controllers. Unregulated legal persons and natural persons are subject to greater due diligence and therefore have more stringent conditions to satisfy. Regulated legal persons must satisfy home country prudential requirements. The CBB may also contact their home regulators for information on their "fit & proper" status.

January 2013