Fourth: Prospectus Submission and Registration

15.1 Draft Prospectus Submission
15.1.1 The issuer, through its adviser, should provide 2 copies of the draft prospectus together with a completed compliance schedule. The Agency will not commence examination of a draft prospectus unless the prospectus is in final/complete form.
15.1.2 Once the Agency has completed examination of the draft prospectus, the issuer, through its adviser, is required to submit the printer's proof of the prospectus to the Agency for registration.
15.2 Registration
15.2.1 A copy of the prospectus submitted for registration must be signed by each director/offeror of the issuer or his/her alternate director, authorised agent or by any other persons duly authorised by the Board of Directors of the issuer.
15.2.2 If the prospectus is signed by an agent or alternate director, the printer's proof prospectus and the printed prospectuses must disclose this to be the case under the place where the respective director is meant to have signed the prospectus.
15.2.3 The printer's proof copy of the prospectus should be accompanied, amongst others, by the following:
(a) An application for registration of the prospectus;
(b) An additional signed copy of the prospectus for submitting with the Ministry of Commerce (if the issuer is registered with the Ministry of Commerce)
(c) Any registration fees payable to the Agency;
(d) A copy of the application form in Arabic and/or English;
(e) A letter of approval from any other relevant authorities;
(f) Original copies of all letters of consent, e.g. experts' consent;
(g) A certified copy of all material contracts disclosed in the prospectus, and in the case of contracts not reduced into writing, a memorandum which gives full particulars of the contracts;
(h) A certified copy of underwriting agreements (if applicable);
(i) Memorandum and Articles of Association of the issuer and Certificate of Incorporation or commercial registration (or equivalent documents if applicable);
(j) Original written authority by directors appointing any agents to sign the prospectus on their behalf;
(k) Letter of confirmation from the adviser that the printer's proof copy of the prospectus has incorporated all changes as required by the Agency; and
(l) Letter of confirmation from the adviser that the printed copy of the prospectus will be the same as the printer's proof of the prospectus registered with the Agency.