The cross-border movement of cash funds warrants special attention under the FATF 40 Recommendations where transactions are large in value (Recommendation 6), in addition to the general requirement under Recommendation 19 to verify monitor, declare and keep records of all cross-border transfers of cash. Cash shipments are therefore subject to inspection and investigation procedures by the Customs Directorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain. There are also certain specific legal measures mentioned below which are relevant to cross-border cash shipments. Under Article 4 of Decree Law No. 4 of 2001, licensees of the CBB are required to comply with the CBB's Rules and Regulations concerning the prevention and prohibition of money laundering, which include regulations concerning the cross-border movement of cash. Also, licensees' attention is drawn to the disclosure provisions of Decree Law No 54 of 2006 and Ministerial Order No 6 of 2008 with respect to cross-border transportation of funds (see Part B of the Rulebook for Decree Law No 54). Licensees are also reminded of the rules of the unified customs arrangements of the Gulf Cooperation Council as laid out in Decree Law No 10 of 2002. With respect to the above Law No. 4 of 2001 and the concerned parts of other legislation mentioned above, all money changers must implement the enhanced measures below in respect of all cash received from foreign countries or sold/transferred to foreign countries.

Amended: January 2021
October 2010