Committee Duties and Responsibilities

In serving those duties, the committee shall:

(a) Be responsible for the selection, appointment, remuneration, oversight and termination where appropriate of the external auditor, subject to ratification by the licensee's board and shareholders. The external auditor shall report directly to the committee;
(b) Make a determination at least once each year of the external auditor's independence, including:
(i) Determining whether its performance of any non-audit services compromised its independence (the committee may establish a formal policy specifying the types of non-audit services which are permissible) and;
(ii) Obtaining from the external auditor a written report listing any relationships between the external auditor and the licensee or with any other person or entity that may compromise the auditor's independence;
(c) Review and discuss with the external auditor the scope and results of its audit, any difficulties the auditor encountered including any restrictions on its access to requested information and any disagreements or difficulties encountered with management;
(d) Review and discuss with management and the external auditor each annual and each quarterly financial statements of the licensee including judgments made in connection with the financial statements;
(e) Review and discuss and make recommendations regarding the selection, appointment and termination where appropriate of the head of internal audit and the head of compliance and the budget allocated to the internal audit and compliance function, and monitor the responsiveness of management to the committee's recommendations and findings;
(f) Review and discuss the activities, performance and adequacy of the licensee's internal auditing and compliance personnel and procedures and its internal controls and compliance procedures, and any risk management systems, and any changes in those;
(g) Oversee the licensee's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, codes and business practices, and ensure that the licensee communicates with shareholders and relevant stakeholders (internal and external) openly and promptly, and with substance of compliance prevailing over form;
(h) Review and discuss possible improprieties in financial reporting or other matters, and ensure that arrangements are in place for independent investigation and follow-up regarding such matters;
(i) The committee must monitor rotation arrangements for audit engagement partners. The audit committee must monitor the performance of the external auditor and the non-audit services provided by the external auditor; and
(j) The review and supervision of the implementation of, enforcement of and adherence to the bank's code of conduct.
January 2014