Chapter II Ongoing Obligations

While an issuer remains on the Official List of companies listed on the Exchange, it is required to comply with the following requirements, and to provide forthwith any explanations requested by the Agency or the Exchange. This part sets out the continuing obligations of listed companies, that is to say obligations which an issuer is required to observe once its securities have been admitted for listing. These obligations are divided into the following Articles:

•  Article 32 — Immediate Announcement
•  Article 33 — New Issues
•  Article 34 — Periodic Reports
•  Article 35 — Annual Financial Statements
•  Article 36 — Statements, Transfers, Transmission and Registers
•  Article 37 — Form and Content of Statements
•  Article 38 — A Dematerialized Environment
•  Article 39 — Communications with holders of listed securities
•  Article 40 — Transactions by Directors and Executive Officers of listed companies
•  Article 41 — Guidelines for Trading by Directors and Senior Managers


Generally, and apart from compliance with all specific requirements which follow, any information necessary to enable holders of the issuer's listed securities and the public to appraise the financial condition, performance and prospectus of the issuer must be notified to the Exchange.

Any information required to be released to the Exchange by an issuer under Part 2 of the disclosure standards shall be simultaneously passed to the Agency.