Article 55

The Agency shall, within the two months immediately following the end of the financial year, submit to the Minister of Finance:

A — A copy of the annual accounts duly certified by the auditor.
B — A report on its operations during such year. The Agency shall publish these accounts and the report. The Minister shall, as soon as possible after receiving these two documents, submit to the Council of Ministers a copy of the annual accounts and the report on operations and publish the annual accounts in the Official Gazette.
C — The Agency shall, as soon as possible after the end of the last workday in March, June and September of each year, prepare and publish a statement of its assets and liabilities on the last day of the month, it shall submit a copy of such statements to the Minister of Finance who shall publish them in the Official Gazette. The Agency shall also issue such reports and other publications as are, in the opinion of the Agency's Board of Directors, dictated by the public interest.