Article 51

The Agency may not:

(a) Engage in trade or have an interest in any financial, commercial, agricultural, industrial or other operation, except as provided in Article (40) of this law.
(b) Purchase or retain title to real property, except real estate re-served for the conduct of the Agency's business and for the housing of its officials and employees.
(c) Advance unsecured loans, except as provided in Article (33) paragraph (f) of this law.
(d) Advance loans upon security different from that set forth in law, provided however that in case any debt due to the Agency is exposed to danger, the Agency may accept real or other property as a security for payment, and in case of for closure, the Agency shall acquire title to, and possession of such property which shall, however, be sold as soon as market conditions permit such sale.
(e) Accept shares as collateral, except where shares are accepted as security under the provisions of paragraph (f) of Article (33) and paragraph (d) of this Article.