Article 42

(a) The Agency shall be the Bank of the Government, shall act as its financial agent, and shall be the agency where Government Funds are to be deposited. The Agency may, with the prior approval of the Minister of Finance, render the same services to Government organizations, Government agencies and public authorities.
(b) As an exception to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Government may open and maintain accounts with other banking firms and, in general, utilize the services of such banking firms in such cases, for such periods and under such terms and conditions as shall be agreed upon between the Minister of Finance and the Agency.
(c) The Agency shall receive and disburse government funds, and shall keep the relative accounts, without collecting any charge for such services. The Agency shall not pay any interest on the credit balances of the Government.
(d) The Agency shall assume the administration of the National Debt and shall make the agreements for its issue, shall pay the relative interests and redeem bonds, warrants, notes and other debentures of the Government, of its organizations and agencies, or of public authorities guaranteed by the Government.
(e) The Government may, through the Minister of Finance, ask the Agency to express an opinion and prepare reports on matters relating to the objects of the Agency.
(f) The Agency must submit to the Government, through the Minister of Finance, a report on events affecting the monetary and financial situation, their causes, results and suggested remedial action, as well as on any matter that, in the opinion of the Agency, may affect the Agency's efforts to realize its objects.