Article 32

(a) All profits resulting from the re-evaluation of the Agency's assets or commitments in gold or foreign currencies as a result of any change in the parity rate or external rate of the currency of the State of Bahrain, as well as the profits resulting from a change in the value, parity rate or rate of exchange of such assets or liabilities in relation to the currency of the State of Bahrain, shall be entered in a special account to be entitled "RE- EVALUATION RESERVE". Profits and losses resulting from such changes may not be included in the annual profit and loss account of the Agency. Losses resulting from such a change shall be deducted from the credit balance of the "RE-EVALUATION RESERVE" account. If the credit balance of this account is insufficient to cover this loss and notwithstanding any other provision of this law, the government shall issue bonds in favour of the Agency for the value of the deficit, and such bonds shall not be negotiable and shall be interest-free.
(b) In case the "Re-evaluation Reserve" account shows a credit balance, the Agency shall at the end of each financial year begin by redeeming on behalf of the Government the bonds issued under the provisions of paragraph (a) of this Article and of Article (17) paragraph (b).

If the balance remaining after such redemption exceeds five percent of the value of the accrued liabilities of the Agency pertaining to the currency issue account, the Agency shall pay the excess to the Government. In case such remaining balance is not in excess of five percent of the value of these liabilities, no payment shall be made to the Government.
(c) No entry shall be made to the debit or credit of the "Re-Evaluation Reserve" account, except as prescribed in this Article.