Article (197)

The Minister of Commerce and Industry may dissolve the company's board of directors if the company has encountered severe financial or administrative difficulties, or if it has sustained heavy losses prejudicing the rights of the shareholders or its creditors, or if the provisions of this law have been violated. All such incidents shall be evidenced by whoever the Minister of Commerce and Industry appoints, either from the staff of the ministry or from amongst others, to inspect the works and accounts of the company. The minister may also dissolve the company if the chairman and board members have resigned their offices, or if the board of directors has lost its quorum so that it becomes unable to convene, or if the general assembly has not been able to elect a new board of directors.

In case of board dissolution, the Minister of Commerce and Industry shall appoint an interim committee composed of specialized experts to manage the company for a six month term renewable only once until the general assembly elects a new board at an invitation by the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Any interested person shall have the right to appeal against the decision of dissolving the company within fifteen days from the date it is issued before the High Civil Court, and the court shall decide on the case on an urgent basis.