Article 16 The Duty to Declare Interest

A Whenever the Trustee has a direct or indirect personal interest in a deal that conflicts with the requirements of his office as Trustee, he must declare that interest to the other Trustees (in case of multiple Trustees) and to the Agency, in writing. And he must refrain from expressing any view on the matter and from taking part in discussing it. If the Trustee is a sole Trustee, he must declare such interest to each of the Settler, the Protector of the Trust and the Agency, immediately as he becomes aware of such interest.
B If, in the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Trustee making the declaration is sole Trustee, or if he is the only licensed Trustee of all others, the Governor of the Agency must appoint one or more licensee to undertake the transaction that is the subject of declaration, unless the Trust Instrument provides otherwise.