Article 105

In the case of forced liquidation of a banking firm, the following payments shall have preference in the order in which they are set out below and shall be made before any other disbursement.

(1) Necessary and reasonable expenses made by the liquidator to implement the provisions of this Law.
(2) Any amounts, other than Government deposits, that may be due and payable to the Government or its organizations or agencies, or to public authorities.
(3) Wages and salaries of the officials and employees of the banking firm for the three months immediately proceeding the date on which the Agency assumed actual administration of the banking firm and within a maximum amount of 500 dinars for each individual.
(4) Any fees or charges accrued to the Agency.
(5) Deposits within a maximum limit which shall not exceed 1,000 dinars for each depositor.
(6) Other deposits.
B — If the amounts set aside for the payment of any class of the obligations mentioned in paragraph (a) are not sufficient for its full satisfaction, such obligations shall be reduced in equal proportions.