Appendix B LCR Common Disclosure Template

  Total unweighted value (average) Total weighted value (average)
High-quality liquid assets
1 Total HQLA    
Cash outflows
2 Retail deposits and deposits from small business customers, of which:
3 Stable deposits    
4 Less stable deposits    
5 Unsecured wholesale funding, of which:
6 Operational deposits (all counterparties) and deposits in networks of cooperative banks    
7 Non-operational deposits (all counterparties)    
8 Unsecured debt    
9 Secured wholesale funding    
10 Additional requirements, of which:
11 Outflows related to derivative exposures and other collateral requirements    
12 Outflows related to loss of funding on debt products    
13 Credit and liquidity facilities    
14 Other contractual funding obligations    
15 Other contingent funding obligations    
16 Total Cash Outflows    
Cash inflows
17 Secured lending (eg reverse repos)    
18 Inflows from fully performing exposures    
19 Other cash inflows    
20 Total Cash Outflows    
  Total adjusted value
21 Total HQLA    
22 Total net cash outflows    
23 Liquidity Coverage Ratio (%)    
August 2018