The Enforcement Unit, in response to a request from a foreign State, may obtain from the Investigation Magistrate an order for the following:

(a) a warrant to search any premises or persons for attachment of any document, material or thing;
(b) any document or object relevant to identifying, locating or quantifying any property or identifying or locating any document necessary for the transfer of any property in either case belonging to, in the possession of or under the control of any person the subject of the request be delivered to the Enforcement Unit in addition to information relating to any transaction conducted by or for such person during such period as the Investigation Magistrate directs;
(c) attachment of any property of or in the possession of any person named in the request for the period specified in the order, and the management or disposal of that property for the purpose of determining any dispute as to the ownership of or other interest in the property or any part thereof, and payment of any costs.