7. Standard Criteria for Listing Debt Securities

Any issuer applying to list Debt Securities on the Bahrain Stock Exchange must comply with the requirements as stipulated in these Guidelines:

7.1 The issuer must comply with all the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law, in the case of Bahraini issuers and with the relevant legislation in the case of issuers established outside Bahrain.
7.2 The issuer must comply with the provisions of its Memorandum and Articles of Association or equivalent documents (if applicable).
7.3 The Debt Securities issuer must obtain the Agency's approval prior to listing.
7.4 A minimum period of 2 years should have elapsed since the incorporation or establishment of the issuer (if applicable).
7.5 The issuer's issued capital should be fully paid-up (if applicable).
7.6 The issuer must appoint a representative office in Bahrain to register the Debt Securities, distribute payment of interest or income, distribute reports and undertake other relevant matters.
7.7 The issuer shall publish its balance sheet and the results of its operations for each financial year in at least two local newspapers during the term of the investment (if applicable).
7.8 The issuer shall comply with the provisions of the Listing Agreement signed with the Exchange.