5. Financial Statements

5.1 The issuer of Debt Securities shall send to:—
(a) the trustee or fiscal agent in respect of its Debt Securities; and
(b) every holder of its Debt Securities;
a copy of either:
(i) its annual financial statements including its annual accounts and, the issuer's group accounts;
(ii) its summary financial statements, not less than 15 days before the date of the issuer's annual general meeting.
5.2 The issuer must send 25 copies of each of the directors' report, financial statements and, where applicable, its summary financial statements to the Agency and the Exchange at the same time as they are sent to the holders of the issuer's Debt Securities with registered addresses in Bahrain.
5.3 The financial statements of the overseas Debt Securities issuer must be in the English language or be accompanied by a certified English and/or Arabic translation.
5.4 The financial statements are required to conform with the IFRS, or with any other accounting standards acceptable to the Agency.
5.5 The financial statements must be audited by a firm or company who must be a practicing accountant of good standing and independent of the issuer to the same extent as that required of an auditor in accordance with the statements on independence issued by the International Federation of Accountants.
5.6 The report of the auditors must be annexed to all copies of the issuer's financial statements.