2. Definitions

The Agency / BMA — means the Bahrain Monetary Agency.

Beneficial Owner — The term "beneficial owner" of securities refers to any person who, even if not the recorded owner of the securities, has or shares the underlying benefits of ownership. These benefits include the power to direct the voting or the disposition of the securities, or to receive the economic benefit of ownership of the securities. A person is also considered to be the "beneficial owner" of securities if that person has the right to acquire such securities within a certain period of time, either by option or other agreement. Beneficial owners include persons who hold their securities through one or more trustees, brokers, agents, legal representatives or other intermediaries, or through issuers in which they have a "controlling interest", which means the direct or indirect power to direct the management and policies of the issuer, or any other entity in question.

The CMS Directorate — means the Capital Markets Supervision Directorate at the Bahrain Monetary Agency.

The Committee — means the Board of Directors' Committee appointed under Article 41.3 of Circular No. ODG/407/03 of the Disclosure Standards.

Connected Person — in relation to:

(a) an individual, means:—
(i) the individual's spouse, and his/her son, adopted son, step-son, daughter, adopted daughter, step-daughter, father, step-father, mother, step-mother, brother, step-brother, sister or step-sister; under his/her guardianship or control, or
(ii) a firm or a corporation in which the individual or any of the persons mentioned in sub-paragraph (i) has control of not less than 10% of the voting power in the firm or corporation, whether such control is exercised individually or jointly;
(b) a firm or a corporation, means another firm or corporation in which the first-mentioned firm or corporation has control of not less than 10% of the voting power in that other firm or corporation.

Directors and Senior Management — This term includes (a) the issuer's directors, (b) senior management: Chief Executive Officers, Presidents, Heads of Finance, Heads of Business Departments, (c) partners with unlimited liability, in the case of a limited partnership with share capital, (d) nominees to serve in any of the aforementioned positions, and (e) founders, if the issuer has been established for fewer than two years.

The Exchange / BSE — means the Bahrain Stock Exchange.

Inside Information — means information (a) which is of a precise nature relating directly or indirectly to one or more security or securities; (b) which has not been made public; (c) which, if it were made public, would be likely to have a significant effect on the price of those securities or any related derivative security; and (d) in the case of derivatives on commodities, which relate directly or indirectly to such derivatives which users of markets on which such derivatives are traded, would expect to be disclosed in accordance with the rules or accepted market practices on those markets.

Insiders — All persons who come into possession of material inside information before its public release are considered insiders for the purposes of the Agency's disclosure policies. Such persons include controlling shareholders, "directors and senior management", officers and employees, and frequently should also include any officials of the Agency and the Exchange who have access to such information, outside attorneys, accountants, auditors, underwriters, investment bankers, public relations advisers, advertising agencies, consultants and other independent contractors. The husbands, wives, immediate families and those under the control of insiders may also be regarded as insiders. Where acquisition or other negotiations are concerned, the above relationships apply to other parties to the negotiations as well. Finally, for purposes of the Agency's disclosure policy, insiders include "tippees" who come into possession of material inside information.

Insiders' Register/ The Register — the Register is required to be maintained in accordance with BMA Circular No. ODG/407/03 on Disclosure Standards.

Insider Trading — "Insider trading" refers not only to the purchase or sale of an issuer's equity and debt securities, but also to the purchase or sale of puts, calls or other options with respect to such securities. Such trading is deemed to be done by an insider whenever he has any beneficial interest, direct or indirect, in such securities or options, regardless of whether they are actually held in his name. Included in the concept of "insider trading" is "tipping", or revealing inside information to outside individuals, to enable such individuals to trade in the issuer's securities on the basis of undisclosed information.

Issuer — references to the "issuer" means the company whose securities are being or have been offered or listed, and refers to the company on a consolidated basis, unless the context indicates otherwise.

(The terms "issuer" and "listed company" in these Guidelines are interchangeable, as they have the same meaning).

Market Information — means information consisting of one or more of the following facts:

a) the securities of a particular kind have been or are to be acquired or disposed of, or that their acquisition or disposal is under consideration or the subject of negotiation;
b) the securities of a particular kind have not been or are not to be acquired or disposed of;
c) the number of securities acquired or disposed of or to be acquired or disposed of or whose acquisition or disposal is under consideration or the subject of negotiation;
d) the price (or range of prices) at which securities have been or are to be acquired or disposed of or the price (or range of prices) at which the securities whose acquisition or disposal is under consideration or the subject of negotiation may be acquired or disposed of;
e) the identity of the persons involved or likely to be involved in any capacity in an acquisition or disposal of a security.

Materiality — information is material if its omission or misstatement could influence the economic decisions of the users taken on the basis of the financial statements.

Non-Confidential Information — information is not confidential if (a) it has been made available to the public by virtue of being disclosed; (b) it is in the form of a summary or collection of information so framed that it is not possible to ascertain from it information relating to any particular person.

Person — means any natural or legal person.

Person in Charge — a person appointed in accordance with the provisions of 8.3.4 of these Guidelines.

Share — means a share in the paid-up share capital of a corporation and includes stock, except where a distinction between stock and shares is expressed or implied.