1. Suspension of Dealing

The trading in listed Debt Securities may be suspended for a period which is deemed reasonable in the following circumstances:—

1.1 An announcement or commencement of conversion of any portion of the issued Debt Securities into a different type of security, in cases where such conversion is not stated in the prospectus.
1.2 Announcement of any proposal to amend the conditions and rights attached to the Debt Securities listed on the Exchange, pursuant to the agreement of the holders with the issuer, and the resolution of the holders' general meeting in this respect.
1.3 Any qualification by the issuer's auditor or expression of a negative opinion on the issuer's commitments and performance.
1.4 Announcement of any plan to merge the issuer with another company or other companies.
1.5 Refusal by the issuer or the guarantor to deliver to the Exchange documents, statements, or information required by it or which the Exchange requires to be published or delivered to the holders in the prescribed time.
1.6 Any order from an official or judicial authority suspending the issuer's activities temporarily for any reason.
1.7 Failure to pay the annual registration fees in the prescribed time.
1.8 Any other reason deemed to be necessary by the Agency, for the protection of the holders' rights and interests.
1.9 The Agency, if it thinks necessary to protect the public interest or the investor's interest, may at its own discretion, suspend dealings in the listed Debt Securities.