1. General

1.1 This Chapter sets out the procedures and requirements for applications for the issuing and offering of Debt Securities (other than selectively marketed securities), whether by new applicants or by existing listed issuers.
1.2 In order to allow the Agency sufficient time to consider an application for issuing and offering on the basis of its supporting documents and to maintain an orderly new issues market, a new applicant must normally apply in advance to the Agency at the earliest possible opportunity and normally not less than 30 business days prior to the date of issuance or offering.
1.3 The application form must be prepared in accordance with BMA regulations and reviewed before submission by a professional body for the approval of the prospectus and other issuing and offering documents.
1.4 The application form must also contain a draft of the expected timetable.
1.5 If it is not possible to submit documents with the Agency within these time limits, they should be submitted as soon as they become available.
1.6 Issuers should appreciate that any significant delay in submitting the documents may affect the issuing and offering timetable.
1.7 In the case of Debt Securities issued or guaranteed by the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain or by state corporations incorporated in Bahrain, the Agency will take into consideration information already available to the public in deciding on the application of these requirements.

This principle may also apply to Debt Securities issued by other governments and their agencies and corporations, unless otherwise stated or required by the Agency from time-to-time.