Glossary History

Past version: Effective from 01 Jan 2014 to 30 Sep 2014
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Version Date Description of Changes
October 2010 Initial Launch
December 2010 Added definition of home supervisor, representative office manager or "Rep Manager"; regulated representative office services; amended definition of controlled function; director(s), representative office or representative office licensee(s)
January 2011 Added definition of administrator(s) licensee(s)/license, client assets, close links, executive director, lead supervisor, non-executive director(s), registrar, regulated administration services, remuneration, subsidiary undertaking;
Amended definition of appointed expert(s), controller(s), fund administrator, money changer, outsourcing, qualified by exception, regulated services, representative office manager, shareholders.
April 2011 Amended definition of executive director
April 2012 Added definition of licensed exchange(s), market, regulated investment services, reputational risk, service level agreement(s), succession plan.
Amended definition of executive director, overseas licensee(s), subsidiary or subsidiary undertaking.
January 2013 Added definition for financial services, person.
Added definition of branch(es), connected person(s), family, financial instrument(s), financing company licensee(s), independent director, regulated financing company service(s) and regulated insurance services.
Added definition of core capital, gearing ratio and liabilities.
Added definition for regulated ancillary services.
Added definition for Collective investment undertakings.
January 2014 Added definition for associate(d), Bahrain domiciled CIU(s), base rate, conspicuous notice, eligible beneficiary(ies), framework, intra-group outsourcing, leverage ratio, liquid assets, maturity mismatch ratio, NIM, option(s), principal, qualifying liabilities, ROAE, ROAA, regulated microfinance service, small business(es) (SMEs), stock liquidity ratio.
Amended definition for director(s), head of function, microfinance institution(s) or microfinance institution licensee(s), parent undertaking or parent.