Part B

Past version: Effective from 01 Oct 2019 to 31 Dec 2019
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Table of Contents
  Current Issue Date  
Glossary of Defined Terms 10/2019 PDF Version
CBB Authorisation Forms Form 1 Application for a License 10/2019 PDF Version
Form 2 Application for Authorisation of Controller 10/2018 PDF Version
Form 3 Application for Approved Person status 07/2018 PDF Version
  Trust Registration or Amendment Form 10/2017 PDF Version
CBB Reporting STR [This was deleted in July 2016] 07/2016  
ALF Annual License Fee 01/2014 PDF Version
Direct Debit Authorisation Form 10/2014 PDF Version
Financing Companies and Microfinance Institutions
Appendix BR-1 PIRFM — Prudential Information Report for Financing and Microfinance Institutions 01/2019 Excel Version
Appendix BR-3 Guidelines for Completion of PIRFM 10/2014 PDF Version
Appendix BR-5 Board and Committee Meetings 10/2014 PDF Version
Appendix BR-6 Agreed Upon Procedures 10/2014 PDF Version
Financing Companies
Appendix BR-7 Connected Counterparty Exposures Report 01/2013 Excel Version
Appendix BR-8 Guidelines for completion of Exposures to Connected Counterparties 01/2013 PDF Version
Appendix BR-9 [This was replaced with Appendix BR-5 in October 2014] 10/2014  
Appendix BR-11 Information Required for Annual and Interim Financial Review 01/2019 Excel Version
Appendix BR-12 Financial Review (Islamic) 10/2015 Excel Version
Appendix BR-14 Guidelines for Completion of Supplementary Information Form 01/2019 PDF Version
Appendix BR-22 Continuous Professional Development Form (CPD) 04/2017 PDF Version
Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
Appendix BR-13 Sources of Revenue 04/2016 PDF Version
Money Changers
FCR Insurance Coverage Return 10/2014 Excel Version
Supplementary Information BC Business Conduct
BC-1 Examples of APR Calculations 01/2014 PDF Version
BC-2 Financing Companies Standard Service Charges 04/2018 PDF Version
CM Credit Risk Management
CM-1 Code of Best Practice on Consumer Credit and Charging   (to be issued)
CM-2 Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau Code of Practice   (to be issued)
CM-3 Example of APR Calculation   (to be issued)
BR CBB Reporting
BR-10 Appointed Experts' Report 07/2013 PDF Version
FC Financial Crime
FC- (i) Amiri Decree Law No. 4 (2001) 01/2011 PDF Version
FC-(i)(a) Decree Law No. 54 (2006) 01/2011 PDF Version
FC-(i)(b) Decree Law No. 58 (2006) 01/2011 PDF Version
FC- (ii) UN Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001) 01/2011 PDF Version
FC- (iii) UN Security Council Resolution 1267 (1999) 01/2011 PDF Version
FC- (iv) Examples of Suspicious Transactions 01/2011 PDF Version
FC- (v) Guidance Notes 01/2011 PDF Version
FC- (vi) Agreed Upon Procedures 10/2019 PDF Version