Part B

Past version: Effective from 01 Oct 2010 to 31 Dec 2010
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Table of Contents
Glossary of Terms
List of Circulars
CBB Reporting Forms Audit Firms AU
Reporting Accountants' Report Appendix AU 1
Business and Market Conduct BC
List of Dishonoured Cheques Appendix BC 1
Financial Crime FC
STR Form Appendix FC 2
MLRO Form Appendix FC 4
CBB Reporting Requirements BR
Investigators' Report Appendix EN 1 EN
Annual Licence Fee Form   ALF
CBB Authorisation Forms Licensing and Authorisation Requirements LR
Form 1 - Application Form (Phase 1) Form 1 (phase 1)
Form 1 - Application Form (Phase 2) Form 1 (phase 2)
Form 2 (Controller Authorisation form) Form 2
Form 3 (Approved Person authorisation form) Form 3
Supplementary Information Business and Market Conduct BC
Capital Adequacy CA
Credit Risk Management CM
Sovereign Debt Provisioning Matrix Appendix CM 1
Code of Best Practice on Consumer Credit and Charging Appendix CM 2
Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau Code of Practice Appendix CM 3
Financial Crime FC
CBB Reporting Requirements BR
Instructions for completion of statistical returns Appendix BR 1
Guidelines for Overseas Conventional Banks Appendix BR 3
Guidelines for completion of the PIR Appendix BR 4
Guidelines for completion of Exposures to Connected Counterparties Appendix BR 12
Compensation CP
Certificate of Compensation Appendix CP 1
Resolution No. [23] of 2009 in respect of Definition of Deposit Appendix CP 2