• BC-2.5 BC-2.5 Appendix

    • BC-2.5.1

      The minimum information that should be contained in promotional material includes:

      (a) The name of the licensee communicating the promotional material;
      (b) The licensee's address;
      (c) A description of the main characteristics of the service offered;
      (d) Suitable warning regarding the risks of the service offered; and
      (e) A clear statement indicating that, if a customer is in any doubt about the suitability of the agreement which is the subject of the promotion, he should consult the licensee.
      October 2010

    • BC-2.5.2

      The minimum information that should be provided to customers when purchasing regulated money changer services include:

      (a) The regulatory status of the licensee;
      (b) A statement that the licensee is bound by the CBB's regulation and licensing conditions;
      (c) The licensee's name, address, e-mail and telephone number;
      (d) A statement of the services provided by the licensee, as permitted by the CBB;
      (e) The total price to be paid by the customer to the licensee for its services, or, where an exact price cannot be indicated, the basis for the calculation of the price enabling the customer to verify it;
      (f) A statement that clearly indicates the following:
      (i) The customer's right to obtain copies of records relating to his business with the licensee;
      (ii) The customer's record will be kept for 5 years or as otherwise required by Bahrain Law; and
      (g) The name and job title, address and telephone number of the person in the licensee to whom any complaint should be addressed (in writing) by the customer.
      Amended: July 2019
      October 2010

    • BC-2.5.3

      The minimum information that should be included in a transaction confirmation includes:

      (a) The licensee's name and address;
      (b) The customer's name or other identifier;
      (c) Whether the transaction was a sale or purchase;
      (d) The date and time of the transaction; and
      (e) The amount the licensee charges in connection with the transaction, including commission charges.
      October 2010